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Mewpedia is not a affiliation of or owned by Nintendo or the Pokémon creators. Many of article pages that have been created by editors who are editing the Mewpedia website and the text are licensed under the MyWikis License. The content has been made by each and every contributor that are editing the Mewpedia, which we do not take any responsibility for any content available on this website which you may find offending.

Be aware that the content on Mewpedia may be inaccurate, misleading, dangerous, or even illegal — although most information presented on Mewpedia has been "reviewed" and corrected by other volunteers. No one around the wiki can take responsibility for your use of information contained in or linked from Mewpedia. Although we have a policy to leave speculation out of articles, we can not guarantee the accuracy of any content posted on the wiki. We do our best to remove speculative content as it is found.