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Here is a list of all policy and guidelines that have been developed on Mewpedia to further our goal to become one of the greatest Pokémon source ever. We also created a policy in order to help new editors who are new in the editing system and also do something randomly like: vandalism, or doing something not accordingly to the policy.

As of other websites who's goal is to achieve popularity, they also have a whole set of rules outlining what they like to see on their websites and what they do not like to see on their websites. These policies counts for every contributor literally every contributor who's editing Mewpedia. If you break one of the rules it will be resulted into a block, but before a block there is always a warning, break the rules three times, ignore the warnings two times you will be blocked depending on which rule you've broken and how serious it is. This wiki also wants to create a popular and a civility community, which everyone can get along with each other.


List of policies

Blocking policy

Main article: Blocking policy

This is a rule containing information about blocking contributors who have caused vandalism around Mewpedia to show they are funny or somewhat in their mind to look powerful. This wiki dislikes vandalisms and dislikes to ban contributors, but before a ban, the contributor will obtain warnings. If the contributor ignore the warnings, and continues with breaking the rules, they will be blocked depending on how serious it is.

General rules policy

Main article: General rules policy

Many of contributors doesn't read the policy, but this is a quick overview or what we expect from a contributor to what he can do or what he not must do.

Image policy

Main article: Image policy

This is a policy containing information about what you must do after you uploaded a image. This policy will also explain why Mewpedia locks the images that are uploaded.

Layout guide policy

Manuel of style policy

Protection policy

Quotes policy

Sock puppet policy

Spoiler policy

What Mewpedia is not!