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Mewpedia collects different information from visitors, which are screen resolution, operating system, web browser, visit duration, and location. We have the biggest respect towards everyone around the globe, evenly peoples with bad intentions of vandalizing Mewpedia, that we never distribute this information to third parties. Mewpedia never will under any circumstances share details about individual members with any third parties, but reserves the rights to use collected information as a basis for site demographics, which may, in given situations, be proposed to potential advertisers and sponsors. The biggest respect we share towards our contributors, visitors any body else, means that we do not share any information of them to someone or anything like that.

If you are adding personal information at Mewpedia such as: name, age, place of staying, address, e-mail address, that it is actually at your own risk. Mewpedia is not responsible for anything that occurs as a result of posting personal information, and recommends that you not reveal a large amount of personal information. Mewpedia may not be held responsible for, or under any circumstances be associated with the opinions expressed by, the content of all editable pages, as these are community endeavors and their directions sometimes make unexpected, and inappropriate, detours from their original intent.

Mewpedia is heavily against advertisements between contributors, as showing that one editor want to sell one "can't not refuse offer". If you agree on anything of that, Mewpedia is not responsible for that. First of all, it has nothing to do with the wiki and nothing to do involving this website.

If you have any question so far about it, feel free to ask one of our administrators, and they will happy to help you and answer all your questions.